How To Design The Best Lawyer Web Site In Suffolk County

Good design does not come easily. Particularly when it comes to web sites for Suffolk County law firms. If you take a quick sampling of attorney web sites in Suffolk, what you will often see are bulky designs filled with lots and lots of written content. They are not very attractive or appealing. Most consumers of legal services are not very interested in reading and researching their legal issue on your lawyer web site. They want answers to their questions and they would prefer to have a knowledgeable lawyer do it for them. So, why do so many attorney web sites look so bad? It seems that law firm web site design is directed around creating content rich pages, this so that they will show up better in search engine results. And often, the result is never achieved. New algorithms created by search engines will penalize lawyer web sites that engage in key word stuffing that often accompanies many of these written pages. What is a Suffolk County lawyer to do? How can you effectivly market your Suffolk County Law Firm? Start with a balanced web site design. Consider content and images that are equally distributed making it easier for a potential legal consumer to engage. Use a Key Word Rich Domain Name. A domain name that is rich in certain key words will inform clients ‘what’ you do, ‘where’ you do it and, ‘how’ to reach you. For example: SuffolkCountyRealEstateLawyers.Com. This article brought to you by Creative Lawyer Marketing of Suffolk County.


About Daniel Rodgers

I am currently a Criminal Lawyer in Suffolk County, New York. My past experience includes working as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County as a criminal trial attorney. My office represents criminal defendants charged with crimes in Suffolk County, including Penal Law violations, DWI driving while intoxicated as well as all traffic violations.
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