Is Having A Great Web Site Everything For A Long Island Lawyer?

Well, it’s a start. But it’s not everything. There are many Suffolk and Nassau County lawyers who have a great website. That is much more than you could say just a few short years ago. As a Long Island attorney, I understand, having a well designed web site means very little if no one knows about it. You need potential new clients to visit. Many of us have heard of search engines as a potential source, but that can be very expensive. You may already have the best Long Island Lawyer Web Design firm assisting you. Either you pay the search engine to appear (paid search) in results or you pay someone to optimize your web site so it appears (organic search). But there is another way. Off-line advertising for your law firm. It is often overlooked. An example: take out a print add in your local newspaper or journal or bulletin, with a link to your web site. This is more effective if you have a “key word rich” domain name. Certainly, JonesJonesandDay.Com sounds great. But it does not inform a client what you do, or for that matter, where you practice or even how to contact you. With NassauCountyBankruptcyLawyers.Com you tell them everything. Start with a great web site, but don’t forget to finish with a great Nassau County domain name. Brought to you by Creative Lawyer Marketing services, a Long Island Law Firm Advertising and Website marketing firm.


About Daniel Rodgers

I am currently a Criminal Lawyer in Suffolk County, New York. My past experience includes working as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County as a criminal trial attorney. My office represents criminal defendants charged with crimes in Suffolk County, including Penal Law violations, DWI driving while intoxicated as well as all traffic violations.
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