Keyword Rich Domain Name Will Improve Your Visibility

A descriptive domain name including keywords is a signal to search engines of what your law firm site is about. All search engine algorithms are based on keywords. Ensuring that you are targeting the correct keywords in strategic places including page titles, page content, anchor text, alt text and domain names and urls is key to getting your law firm web site to show up in organic search results. Also, keywords used in search queries show up bold in search results, further drawing the searcher’s eye to your keyword rich domain.

There is a clear benefit in having a domain name that has important keywords: Nassau County; Tax Lawyer. http://www.NassauCountyTaxLawyers.Com

If you practice law in Nassau County or Suffolk County New York, you will directly benefit from using one of our Premium AAA Descriptive Domain Names. We are experienced in Marketing for Nassau and Suffolk Law firms as well as solo practice lawyers and attorneys.


About Daniel Rodgers

I am currently a Criminal Lawyer in Suffolk County, New York. My past experience includes working as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County as a criminal trial attorney. My office represents criminal defendants charged with crimes in Suffolk County, including Penal Law violations, DWI driving while intoxicated as well as all traffic violations.
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